Commercial Electrician Services

Fused Electrics provides licensed commercial electrician services known throughout the UK. We serve Essex. Kent, and South and East London. From simple socket fitting to complete rewiring, we offer a comprehensive range of commercial electrician services, housing the most qualified local commercial electricians tending to all kinds of structures, big and small.

With a track record of 100% happy customers, we offer fully dedicated services with a guarantee. We delight in proclaiming ourselves innovative and quickest in responding, working our best to deliver the highest-quality services that exceed your expectations.

Our Other Services 

  • Full and Partial Rewiring
  • Lighting Installation
  • Finding Faults and Repairs
  • Consumer Unit Replacements
  • Tripping Circuits
  • Testing and Inspection

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How Does Our Electricians Company Work?

We follow a tried and tested procedure in this regard:

Respond to Inquiries

You reach out to us with your query, and we offer our prompt response, setting the day and time to visit your premises.

Conduct Site Inspection

Having responded to your query, our local commercial electricians set out to meet you and review the building requiring repair, replacement, or installation services. This way, the team will know in detail the issue you are facing and the solution needed.

Give a Detailed Overview of the Problem

Only once we identify the issue at hand do we pick our tools. And in case you need a full-fledged installation of electrical devices, we provide the quotes for all possible solutions after considering your demands.

Commercial Electrician Services

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Commercial Electrician Services

We are Experts in Commercial Electrician Services

Our services include:

Complete or Partial Rewiring

The following scenarios prompt complete or partial rewiring:

  • Usual erosion with time: As a precautionary measure, you should get your homes checked by a qualified electrician every once in a while. With time, wiring connections and certain parts can wear out and become faulty or dangerous.
  • Electric shocks: If you suffer electric shocks from your devices or fixtures at home, you must know that your electrics have become threatening and need urgent attention.
  • Broken insulation: Maturing electrical circuits can form cracks with time, needing replacement
  • Obsolete wiring: The electrical system designed at your place might be outdated. For instance, any property wired before 1966 would have no earth in the lighting circuit. This would make it incompatible with the various modern light fittings. Although a limited number of Class 2 lighting fixtures might be compatible, you should prefer to rewire the property in such a case.
  • Fire destruction: Fire can permanently impair the functioning of the electrical system installed. Extensive rewiring is vital for safe reuse.
  • Unfit for the purpose: Constant tripping or fusing proves the inability of the electrical installation to meet your demand for high electricity usage. The issue can occur after a recent extension or due to heavier appliance usage. Perhaps, more multi-socket adaptors or extension cables are used due to inadequate power outlets. Whatever the reason, we advise getting the system checked for safety.

Lighting Installation

We fix all electrical lighting system, i.e. lighting devices that distributes light from one lamp or a group of lamps. The ‘luminaire’, as the lighting device is called, should include control gears where necessary, and other components needed for fixing and mechanical protection of lamps.

Detecting faults and mending

This is how we do this:

  • We Gather Evidence: We ensure all the information collected is relevant to the issue at hand.
  • We Scan the Evidence: Having gathered the prior evidence, we probe the issue and, following the thorough process of logical thinking, reach the diagnosis, which likely would pick the fault or at least the region of the fault.
  • Track Down the Fault: In a manner, this is the continuation of scanning. And through a systematic approach, we carefully reduce the ‘faulty region’ until we can clearly pinpoint the faulty part.
  • Detecting and Removing the Source of the Problem: To prevent the problem from recurring, we need to eliminate the root of the problem.
  • Amend the Fault: This entails repairing and ensuring the complete removal of the source of the problem.
  • Examine the System: Once the entire procedure is complete, we check if the system is working efficiently and is restored to its original condition.

Replacement of Consumer Unit

  • Whether or not to change your consumer unit depends on several factors:
  • If the Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) says so.
  • If you have a fuse box.
  • You may not have alternative ways to accommodate new circuits.
  • MCBs are worn-out.
  • Consumer unit may be damaged, is not safely installed, or has holes causing potential electric shocks.
  • You want additional circuits and installations that comply with the latest regulations.

Tackling Tripping Circuits

It might be because of overloads, short circuits, and ground fault surges.

Inspection and Testing

It is the procedure that electricians carry out to ensure the entire system installed, replaced, or repaired is working efficiently and safely before being activated. It involves an array of procedures followed using test equipment to measure the system’s functionality and to check whether it is in line with the wiring regulations.