Fire Suppression System Installation

Fused Electric – Expert Fire Suppression System Installation

A fire suppression system is a vital part of fire protection structure; this group of systems is used to suppress the fire with foam or chemical compounds.

A fire suppression system is important for any business or residential entity to protect its occupants. A fire can occur unexpectedly and spread in no time; installing an electrical fire suppression system is the best way to ensure your and your property’s safety.

At Fused Electric, our team specialises in high-quality fire suppression systems installation and even provides expert advice on fire safety measures and the system that will suit your needs.

Fire Sprinkler vs Fire Suppression Systems

Fire sprinklers and fire suppression systems are manufactured to put out fires when detecting smoke or heat. The main difference between these systems is that while fire sprinklers use water to put out the fire, fire suppression systems use other means than water.

For instance, an oil industry will likely use a fire suppression system as water would not work as a suppressing agent.

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Keep Your Space Safe with Automatic Fire Suppression System

Like a manual fire suppression system, an automatic one also comprises a smoke and heat detector.  The major benefit is you don’t have to operate it manually. This will reduce the risk to employees’ and residents’ safety; it can also help suppress fire in hard-to-reach places.

Therefore, if you own a business with flammable and high-value goods, don’t think twice; call and hire our fire suppression services.

Numerous Fire Suppression Systems to Opt From

Generally, there are four main types of fire suppression systems – all consisting of unique properties and installed according to the premises’ needs.

Gas Systems

These systems have liquids which are pressurised with nitrogen. A chemical agent FM200 is included in these liquids, released instantly to suppress the fire.

These systems are suitable for rooms containing sockets, switchboards, server rooms or electronics, as they do not use water to extinguish the fire.

Fire Suppression System Installation

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Wet Chemical Foam Systems

The wet chemical foam systems are manufactured for extinguishing fires in the kitchen during cooking. These systems work by releasing a water-based chemical foam agent under the canopies and can be operated manually or by a heat link.

Water Mist Systems

Water mist systems are perfect for places where a large amount of water cannot be used. This system emits droplets smaller than a traditional sprinkler system. When smoke or heat is detected due to a potential fire, this system creates a layer of steam and instantly lowers the place’s temperature.

Foam Deluge Systems

One of the most challenging fire suppression tasks is guarding the place containing flammable materials and liquids. In such places, flame deluge systems are the ideal solution to control the spread of fire. For this reason, foam deluge systems are used in refineries, industrial warehouses and aircraft hangars. 

The foam deluge contains either water or foam that is quickly used to control the fire and cools down the surface.

What Takes Us One Step Ahead of Others?

  • Fused Electric has a team of skilled and trained specialists to handle any fire protection system installation.
  • Our team, with extensive knowledge and experience, can advise you on the system that will work best for your property.
  • We provide premium services at a reasonable fire suppression system cost without compromising on quality.

What Advantages Come with Fire Suppression System Installation?

At Fused Electric, our fire suppression contractors provide excellent fire suppression system installation services, which will be beneficial in many ways.

1. Enhances site and personal safety

Once you install an electrical fire suppression systems, you will feel peace of mind, knowing that your family and employees are safe from any mishap or sudden fire.

2. Safe & User-friendly

Another great advantage of electrical panel fire suppression systems is that they are safe and easier to use.

3. Early Fire Detection

Fire suppression systems are extremely quick to detect smoke or heat signs; therefore, they can instantly trigger the system before anyone’s life gets in danger.

4. Quick and Effective

As these systems are automatic, they respond quickly and instantly in case of a fire break out.

5. Suitable for Any Premises

Fire suppression systems can be installed at almost any site, making them suitable for businesses, warehouses and industries.

6. Fire Safety Compliant

Before putting the systems on the market, all of our systems are laboratory tested; fire suppression installation complies with industry legislation and have proven to put out a fire at any premises.