Emergency Lighting Installations Services

Emergency Lighting Services

At Fused Electric, We are a certified and licensed electrical services company providing emergency lighting services. We tend to:

  • Installation of entire systems in new builds.
  • Emergency lighting repair/replacement.
  • Periodic inspection of systems for regulations compliance.
  • Emergency lighting wiring services.

Your security lighting system installations must be flawless if you want to protect yourself, your assets, your employees and your customers. It will also save you from any legal action resulting from the failure of these systems.

We ensure your emergency lighting systems don’t fail when you need them. Contact us to avail the most reliable services in the UK when it comes to emergency lighting services.

Expert Consultation for Right Lights Selection

Commercial properties differ based on the type of work, size, type of property, and several other factors. Some properties may require open-area lighting or indoor emergency lights. Others may require standby lighting, and some may need escape route lighting. Other options include high-risk task area lighting. Some may need all of these.

To ensure you install the right combination on your premises, you should take expert advice which our professional electricians will happily provide. Get in touch with us and consult our team for reliable lighting installation services.

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Comply with Regulations

Emergency light fitting in commercial properties and business sites is a statutory requirement in the United Kingdom. These installations must comply with British Health & Safety Standards for the workplace.

If you want to avoid getting into legal trouble, we highly recommend installing an emergency lighting system that complies with BS 5266-1:2016. This standard covers several regulations pertaining to the installation, logbook maintenance, parts guarantees, periodic maintenance, building layout, emergency exits, special lighting for disabled people, and other aspects.

Only certified and licensed electricians can provide these services. And we gladly oblige you with our certified lighting specialists that you can rely on.

Keep Your Property and People Safe

Several incidences cause fire breakouts, such as short-circuiting, old or low-quality wiring, accidents, natural hazards, etc. In such occurrences, people must safely exit the property without losing the track to the outside or getting hurt.

In case people get injured, or there is a loss of life, and it is found that your property had faulty emergency lighting, you can land in serious trouble. Creating a safe environment is not just a legal responsibility but also a social responsibility. It will also help you create a trustworthy relationship with your clients and employees. Contact our expert electricians for emergency lighting installation or replacement.

Emergency Lighting Wiring Services

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Emergency Lighting Wiring Services

Inspection of Emergency Lighting Systems

Regulations also require you to conduct periodic inspections of your emergency lighting system. Regular inspections can identify any threats or potential problems that may arise in the future; resolving them timely significantly reduces the risk of loss of money and life.

You may require emergency lighting wiring services if your existing wiring has aged, worn out, or if it experiences frequent sparking or short-circuiting. As part of our emergency lighting services, our expert electricians can visit your property and conduct a detailed inspection to ensure everything is working correctly. The inspection includes checking emergency wiring, lighting as well as other components of the system.

Emergency Repair/Replacement Services

Sometimes an issue may arise that requires an urgent response. And the sensitivity of emergency lighting systems cannot be ignored, as any failure can create a high-risk situation for yourself, your property, your customers, and your employees.

We also provide same-day emergency lighting installations depending on availability. Our certified electricians are always available. You can call us any time of the day for quick emergency resolution.

Licensed and Certified Electricians

Regulations also require that only certified electricians provide emergency lighting installations, repair, replacement, and inspection. The NICEIC (National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting) is one of the certifying bodies in the United Kingdom. NICEIC-certified electricians are authorised to provide several electrical services. Electricians must also be recorded in the BAFE (British Approvals for Fire Equipment) Fire Safety Register to ensure safety.

We are proud to be registered with both, veritably certified to provide reliable emergency lighting services.

Why Hire Us?

  • Highly reliable emergency lighting wiring services.
  • NICEIC-certified and BAFE-registered company.
  • Regular inspections at affordable rates.
  • Premium-quality emergency lighting systems.
  • Around-the-clock emergency services available.