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When it’s about Electrical Rewiring projects, Fused Electrics are known as the experts. Our professional team of electricians can help you with them all, no matter it’s half our complete rewiring of your domestic or commercial structure. The problems related to rewiring can be daunting, and especially when you are in the haunt of the best electricians. However, if you are also facing the same issue of finding specialists and experts, then you are in the right place, Fused Electrics. It is the home for all the electrical problems from installation to maintenance. We can surely help take away all the pressure and offer you guaranteed and safe services without posing any risk.

How Do You Know If Your House Needs Rewiring?

The first question in every individual’s mind is how they would know if the house needs a rewiring service? Necessary to understand is, there is no need to wait for the signs of electrocution or short-circuiting, one should always call an expert before that if want to avoid serious damage happening. Below are some helpful signs in detecting the need to call expert electricians of Fused Electrics


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Electrical Rewiring

Age of the house

If your house is very much old, and no renovation is done then most definitely it’s time for calling rewiring services.

Presence of aluminum wires

If you can see the Aluminium wires, then there is a serious need for rewiring so contact us for immediate help. Aluminum wires are highly flammable and can catch 55 times more flame than copper wires.

Wooden back boxes

If you see any wooden boxes near the sockets or switches then your house is older than you think and it’s not good at all. Wood near electricity can cause some real damage. Call the rewiring expert and get your services for rewiring and keeping yourself safe.

Check Out the Minor Details

Check the date of installation of the wiring, as the consumer units or fuse units have them on it and this way, you will know whether its time to rewire or not

Old wiring

Old wiring can become the cause of electrocution or short-circuit, so get rid of Frayed or cold wires and get services done with us at the most competitive rates.

Why Choose Fused Electric?

What makes us a preferred commercial electrical contractor


Why Choose Fused Electrics For Electrical Rewiring?

  • Fused Electrics is known for delivering the quickest and excellent services to the valuable customers
  • We always keep customers satisfaction at the top as it’s our utmost priority, and it’s all the time in our mind while we work to deliver you the best
  • We always aim to provide expert and valuable advice to our clients for the best solutions possible
  • Our services are reliable and cost-effective as well
  • Our reputation in the industry speaks for us as we are offering quality services with honesty for years

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