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At Fused Electric, As an experienced and qualified team of electricians, we provide you with several domestic electrician services, including:

  • Installation of wiring in new builds.
  • Complete rewiring of properties.
  • Installation and repair of security systems.
  • Installation and repair of fire alarm systems & emergency lighting.
  • Upgradation or replacement of consumer units.
  • Installation of electric accessories, such as lights, sockets, etc.
  • Periodic inspections and EICR report.

Our electricians are NICEIC certified, which authorises them to provide all domestic electrical installation services. Get in touch with us if you need more information about a particular service or want to hire us.

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New Wiring or Existing Wiring Replacement

Wiring for a property is what your nerves are for your body: They supply all your electric appliances and accessories with electricity. Every property has a complex and extensive network of wires. Low-quality wiring, old wiring, and worn-out or damaged wiring can cause several electrical problems, including short-circuiting and sparking. It can also damage your electrical appliances and result in electrical fires.

As issues like sparking and short-circuiting can be dangerous, the British government has laid out certain regulations and standards. The 18th edition of BS 7671 pertains to the IET wiring regulations, which should be duly met to ensure a safe environment for everyone.

Our certified domestic wiring electrician will inspect the wiring in your home and provide you with complete or partial replacement services as required. All our electricians are NICEIC certified, eligible to provide you with the services.

Repair and Upgrade Consumer Units

Our certified domestic electricians can upgrade your consumer units, one of the most critical components of any property: They protect your electrical circuit from hazards such as shocks and fire, and thus, require regular inspection and maintenance to ensure they are working correctly.

Many old homes in the UK have outdated consumer units that do not offer the necessary security and are incompatible with modern appliances. It is vital to upgrade them to protect your home and your appliances.

Upgrading is also required for compliance with regulations which can otherwise land you in legal trouble. Surge and RCD protection devices are required to be installed apart from other regulations. Our qualified domestic electrician can upgrade your consumer units or replace them with modern ones, depending on your requirements.

Domestic Electricians

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Domestic Electricians

Electrical Inspections

The Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 holds landlords legally responsible for the safety of all tenants. To comply with this, landlords must provide an EICR report every five years, which a certified electrician should carry out. While the act is a legal requirement for landlords, it offers excellent protection to tenants.

Our certified electricians conduct a detailed commercial and domestic electrical inspection and provide you with an EICR report. One of the most significant benefits of carrying out the EICR or periodic inspection of your property is that all potential threats and issues are identified before and can be addressed in time.

Regular domestic electrical maintenance will ensure a safe environment for you and your loved ones. Contact us to schedule your annual inspection or for the EICR preparation. Our certified electricians can provide period inspections and ensure wiring and building regulations compliance.

Domestic Electrical Installation Services for Security Systems

Security systems are essential for domestic properties, protecting your family and your assets. Our expert electricians provide complete security systems installation, including CCTV cameras and alarm systems. We also offer domestic electrical repair services for your existing security systems along with the security supplies to install the system you want. The systems we provide are top of the line and ensure 24-hour surveillance without any glitch.

Building Regulations and Domestic Electrical Installations

In Wales & England, electrical installations/modifications must comply with the Building Regulations. Depending on the type of work, approval may be required from the building department/local council. These are typically required for:

  • New consumer unit installation.
  • New complete circuit installation.
  • Alterations such as extra lighting and power points in special locations close to showers and baths.

Once the task is completed, our domestic electricians will provide you with a compliance certificate within thirty days and notify the local council. They will also provide you with the Electrical Installation Certificate confirming successful safety testing.

Installation of Fire Safety Systems

Our domestic electrical installation services also include fire alarm systems and emergency lighting installation. Fire alarm systems can offer considerable protection to both domestic and commercial properties. For the latter, it is a legal requirement. However, domestic installations can prevent many mishaps too using this technology.

Emergency Services

Many electrical issues cannot wait and must be resolved as soon as possible. To this end, our domestic electricians are available around the clock, and you may get in touch with us over our phone lines that are always open to serving you.

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