Commercial Fire Alarm Installation

UK regulatory authorities enjoin installing a fire alarm system in all business properties. Commercial fire alarm installation is vital to keep the occupants safe and secure; it is only a matter of minutes before the fire that occurred at a spot spreads to vast areas. 

The average life of a fire detector is approximately 8-10 years, and you should check the age whenever you need its battery changed.

Commercial fire alarm systems installation can be a complex task in a high-rise building with multiple storeys, campuses, and sprawling regions. The companies installing these alarms must have their hands in the advanced form of technology and ensure all the system components efficiently work together.

We Offer a Distinct Range of Fire Alarms

Fused Electric gives you a chance to choose from a range of fire alarms:

Automatic and Manual Fire Alarms

Automatic alarms operate mechanically with smoke or fire detection, usually notifying via audio or a visual message to alert the occupants. Manual fire alarms, on the contrary, work on a lever: the person detecting smoke or fire pulls the lever to intimate the inhabitants.

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Conventional, Addressable, and Hybrid Alarms

In conventional fire alarms, a single control panel allows you to monitor different building sections. It also alerts when the alarm is broken or requires repair.

Addressable fire alarms monitor the alarms installed on the premises. Compatible with both automatic and manual alarms, they enable you to keep a check on the working of all the alarms and let you pinpoint exactly which gadget has been activated.

Hybrid are a mix of both, consisting of the zone feature of a conventional alarm and the monitoring element of addressable fire alarms.

Remote or Radio Fire Alarms

These work best for huge buildings or multi-site commercial settings, where transmissions potentially travel to a considerable distance, making hardwiring impractical. Installation of different RF gadgets produces a wreck network, saving time and cost.

Commercial Fire Alarm Installation

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Five Core Components of Fire Alarm System

The following components make for a complete fire alarm system for a commercial or industrial setting:

  1. Fire Alarm Control Panel: Heading the entire operation, the system hub monitors system integrity, input, output, and the information imparted.
  2. Initiating Implements: These devices activate the system and can be manual or automatic.
  3. Notification Appliances: These implements notify the occupants in case of an emergency, sending notifications via audio or video, such as strobe lights, horns, sirens, or bells.
  4. Primary Power Convertors: The chief supply for the fire alarm system is generally a 120- or 240-Volt AC power source provided by your power company.
  5. Backup Power Supply: The backup power supply is charged by certain batteries to keep the fire alarm system operational during a power outage.

Our Commercial Fire Alarm Installation Process

Fused Electric is a commercial fire alarm installation company committed to imparting the best services at affordable prices. Our commercial fire alarm system installation cost depends on the services rendered and the kind of system required. 

Before you decide on the system installation, you might ask: What steps are taken to effectively install a system? How can one be certain that the installed system will work perfectly when a fire breaks out? Therefore, we guide you through our commercial fire alarm system installation process:

Briefing & Surveying

Once you make a request, we cover all your requirements and configure a plan detailing all that you need. To get a complete understanding of the design and associated cost, we will have to visit your site to conduct a survey.

Designing Fire Alarm

After the site survey and fire risk assessment, we will decide on the alarm type considering the fire detection system, escape routes, high-risk areas, and whether customised designs are needed. We will also consider whether a commercial fire alarm wiring installation is needed or if a wireless system would work better. Once we have gathered the data, we go about designing your alarm system. 

Fire Alarm Installation

It’s about time we get on board and pick up all the necessary equipment for the commercial fire alarm installation service. Having agreed on the design, we set the date and time for our work. A dedicated project manager accompanies our skilled engineers to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.  

Carrying out Fire Risk Assessment

We will then undertake a fire risk assessment to confirm that all is good with the building. We will also train you or the relevant staff in testing the system and familiarising them with it.

Support and Maintenance

Our work does not stop here: we continue to offer our support, guidance, and advice on any queries that upset you, and we set a future date for the maintenance checks to affirm that the system is as efficient as it was when installed.