Commercial PAT Testing Services

PAT – A Safety Solution for Your Electric Appliances

PAT, generally known as Portable Appliance Testing, involves checking electrical appliances for safety purposes. The process includes several electronic tests and visual inspections, ensuring every appliance can be used safely.

Faulty appliances can be dangerous for both work and home environments. Therefore, it is recommended that PAT should be done at least every 2 years.

If you want to get electric testing done at your premises, Fused Electric provides the best commercial PAT testing services for homes and commercial purposes.

Notable Features of PAT Testing

  • It reduces the risk of an appliance getting damaged and catching fire.
  • It can save you money in the long run.
  • Helps you out in complying with UK regulations.
  • PAT testing for landlords provides a safe and healthy environment for not only tenants but visitors as well.

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Areas We Cover

Main Categories of Appliances

PAT inspection and testing will be determined by the category of the appliance:

  • Fixed appliances:

Not movable and are usually hard-wired.

  • Stationary appliances:

These include washing machines, fridges, etc.

  • IT appliances:

Examples are laptops, TVs and monitors.

  • Moveable appliances:

Any appliance that can be moved and is under 18kg.

  • Portable appliances:

These can be easily moved along with the power source.

  • Cables and charges:

These should be PAT tested regularly.

  • Hand-held appliances:

Examples are hairdryers, hair straighteners, drills, etc.

Commercial PAT Testing Services

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Our Skilled Team Carries out Various Tests Accordingly

Fused Electrics has a range of skilled engineers that perform PAT inspection and testing on your equipment to ensure every appliance is working effectively according to British and legal standards.

Our local PAT testing services include several tests, such as:

  1. Visual Inspection: Our trained electricians will check for any possible damages, such as any exposed metal, cracked plugs, or split cables.
  2. Earth Continuity: PAT testing for new equipment is performed to ensure it possesses a safe and satisfactory earth connection.
  3. Insulation Resistance: This is performed to check and ensure the proper insulation of an appliance.
  4. Leakage: PAT testing company will ensure that the leakage back to earth is relatively minimal.

A Detailed Report of the Test

When our engineers complete PAT testing, you will be given a detailed analysis report stating the following:

  • Name, type, location and description of every appliance.
  • Name of every test that has been performed.
  • List of failed PAT tested items and why the test failed.
  • A valid pass or fail label on every tested appliance along with the inspection date and the engineer’s signature.

Fuse Electrics Offers a Range of Services

  • Commercial and Residential Electrical Services
  • Fixed Wire Testing
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Electric Consumer Unit/ Fuse Board Upgrade
  • Electrical Wire Replacement
  • Electrical Alterations
  • Electrical Rewiring Services
  • Cctv Security Camera Installation
  • Alarm System Installation
  • Pat Testing for Office Equipment

Local PAT Testing Company: Budget-Friendly Services  

Several homeowners or business owners believe that Portable Appliance Testing services are enormously expensive. But that is not the case; whether you need domestic PAT testing or commercial PAT testing services, Fused Electrics provides reasonable PAT testing cost to serve you with the best.

Our professional electricians provide excellent PAT testing service at fixed and reasonable rates so that you don’t have to worry about paying extra charges for the checking of the devices.

What Makes us Stand?

  • Fuse Electrics’ technicians and engineers have years of experience in their respective fields.
  • We provide local PAT testing services and are the first choice for UK’s commercial and residential customers.
  • Our skilled electricians will perform their duty by keeping safety measures in mind.
  • Our professional team also gives expert advice on all electrical issues.
  • Apart from installation of electrical components, such as lighting and fixtures, we also provide maintenance service and diagnosis for all types of electrical systems.
  • Our team is available 24/7 for all electrical emergencies and commercial PAT testing services, both domestic and commercial.
  • Fuse Electrics offers a range of services and has no hidden charges.
  • We are a trustworthy and reliable portable appliance testing company.