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When it’s about the consumer unit, is essential to ensure the electrical integrity of the unit. This is essential for the safety of both people living in the house and the consumer unit itself. At Fused Electrics, we have years of experience in dealing with the replacement and upgrading the Consumer units. We make sure that your unit is safe to use and fulfills all the electrical demands with efficiency.

Requirement For An Upgrade

The team at Fused Electric is experienced in dealing with the up-gradation of the consumer units. The electricians we have are highly skillful, can deal with all the makes and models, and quickly deal with upgrades of all sizes. First, we look into the fact that how much operational, safe and compliant your unit is. After that, we will decide and present you with a possible solution.


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We check each MCB and RCD to ensure its integrity. This is for making sure that they are working in good condition and are still suitable for the protection of the circuit. For keeping you and your premises safe, it is necessary to make sure that your consumer unit is in the best working conditions.

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For your work, you will get a team of qualified engineers, supervisors and technicians registered from NICEIC. We work according to the UK regulations, and following that we offer you all domestic and commercial electrical services. It’s not only limited to the consumer unit upgrade, you can get solutions for all electrical issues here at Fused Electric.

If something is wrong with your Consumer Unit, feel free to contact Fused Electric to get a helping hand.


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