Electrical Rewiring Services

Our goal at Fused Electrics is to deliver hassle-free rewiring services around London that meet deadlines, surpass expectations, and give great value. We take great satisfaction in our excellent and proactive electrical rewiring services. We are ready whenever you need us to help with any problems you may have with your home’s electric supply or any of the appliances or equipment you use. Our reputation as the most reliable electrical rewiring experts in the UK speaks for itself.

Why Think About a Rewire?

The need for electricity is always rising in every home. If the wiring in your home is subpar, you run the risk of experiencing an unplanned power outage or, in the worst-case scenario, a fire. Old electrical fixtures can be hazardous as well, with the terrible threat of fire.

A complete electrical rewiring of any property could be a major effort, but it’s also a necessary task that can increase the value of your house, secure the safety of your family and friends, and future-proof your home with extensions if necessary.

Professional and Responsible

Rewiring the sockets and switches will ultimately require inspection, whether you’re purchasing a new home or remodelling your current one. Electrical rewiring is obviously a big project, but it doesn’t have to be expensive or risky. We’ll take complete control of everything. When you contact BS Electrical, you can rest assured that the task will be done correctly. We provide a full range of electrical rewiring services and can handle everything with the utmost care.

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Areas We Cover

Brand New Installations

Regardless of how big or small your new construction or extension is, you’ll need rewiring services. You will need to construct a new electrical system if the expansion has several separate rooms, in order to provide all the electricity, you would want for lights, stoves, televisions, or laptops. Every step of the process will be explained to you so that we can accommodate your needs. All of our work is certified and licensed.

Certified Wiring Services

Since 2005, it has been a requirement of UK legislation that householders use wires that comply with Part P concerning electrical safety rules when performing electrical upgrades or installing new electrical systems.

Nowadays, even the simplest electrical projects require the assistance of a professional. That is why we always adhere to the industry standards of normal depreciation of electrical parts and connections. We also provide complete or partial rewiring to your home or business. If your home still uses antiquated wire types, such as rubber wiring, we can provide you with a thorough home electrical rewiring service.

Electrical Rewiring Services

Why Choose Fused Electric?

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Electrical Rewiring Services

Security Systems & Lights Rewiring

Rewiring your property takes effort, expertise, and time. With Fused Electrics, you can be assured that you will get a premium, guaranteed service. We offer a variety of choices to help make your house a secure, safe, and protected space. This may include rewiring alarms, installing motion detectors for lights, or fixing CCTV.

Emergency Call-Out Service

You can always contact us if an electrical device in your home isn’t performing as it should. We will make an effort to give the best residential electrical rewiring service for you. For after-hours emergencies, our electrician for rewiring is available on call 24 hours a day. Whether its whole house rewiring or partial electrical rewiring, we always offer a quick response to handle your requirements timely.

Highlights of Our Electrical Rewiring Services

We are aware that hiring a dependable and timely electrician might be challenging. You can be confident in our knowledge because we are registered and approved contractors. On top of that, we also provide the most affordable electrical rewiring costs across the region. Our domestic house rewiring service includes:

  1. Home Lighting: We make sure the lighting in your home is secure and effective, whether it is a new installation or a light fixture repair.
  2. EICR Reports: We provide EICR reports in order to confirm the security of your house or rental property.
  3. PAT Testing: We provide specialised portable appliance testing services across the UK, enabling you to adhere to site survey, insurance, and health and safety laws.

Why Choose Fused Electrics?

We can confidently claim to be one of the most reputable electrical rewiring experts in the UK. We have done both household and commercial work and have completed thousands of successful projects. Every work is unique in approach, scope, and result, and we demonstrate quality in ways that no firm can. Our top priorities are quick response, effectiveness, and dependability for our clients.