Domestic Fire Alarm Installation

One should attempt to hire a competent firm for their fire alarm system maintenance in order to adhere to the British safety regulations.

Being BAFE-accredited, we feel glad to have you placing your faith in us. From fire risk assessment to design, installation, and system commissioning, we offer the full package for you. After that, we can continue to keep an eye on your system to ensure a quick reaction in the case of a fire emergency. We also offer ongoing maintenance plans for extra safety.

Fire System Installation for Homes

Thousands of clients have relied on Fused Electric to protect their homes. We’ve built and implemented a wide variety of domestic fire detection systems, from straightforward smoke alarms to intricate wired installations for buildings with numerous occupants.

Regardless of your property, you can count on our engineers to provide a solution that satisfies your demands. Our home fire alarm system shields you from the potentially disastrous consequences of fire.

Maintenance that is Fully Insured

We offer exhaustive services for domestic wireless fire alarm system along with other safety systems like smoke ventilation. We are licensed and fully insured. We can also incorporate a periodic full emergency fire testing service into our fire alarm maintenance plan.

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Domestic Fire Alarm Installation Certificate

As with other security systems, our designated fire safety risk assessor also determines the specifications and design of a fire alarm system. A design brief in the form of a category code will be provided by the assessor along with the range of aspects covered. This allows us to offer a comprehensive certification for all elements of your domestic fire alarm installation project. Ensuring professional design, installation, commissioning, and verification are all part of our services.

Completely Controlled Smoke Ventilation Systems

As part of our domestic fire alarm installation service, we periodically evaluate and train our designers, installers, and commissioning engineers. We also collaborate closely with the Fire Industry Association to stay up to date on legislative changes.

We deliver and maintain automatic ventilation systems for smoke escape and carry out regular maintenance of any pre-installed smoke vent system. Our systems are supervised by the architects to ensure compliance with the building control.

Domestic Fire Alarm Installation

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Domestic Fire Alarm Installation

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Periodic inspection and servicing should only be performed by a qualified individual with a professional understanding of the domestic fire alarm system. To guarantee a completely functional fire alarm system, Fused Electrics will professionally assess your location, system operation, and occupancy. Our systems are meticulously inspected and tested to ensure customer’s satisfaction.

Types of Smoke Alarm Systems We Offer

Smoke alarms with vibrating pads or flashing lights are readily available on our site. We primarily provide two different kinds of smoke alarms:

Ionisation smoke alarms

These smoke alarms are known for being the most affordable and accessible. Our ionisation alarms can detect blazing flames, like chip pan fires, before the smoke becomes too thick. Ionisation alarms are extremely sensitive to these types of fires.

Optical smoke detectors

Although they can be more expensive, optical alarms are better for spotting slow-burning flames like fires caused by overheated wiring. Our optical alarms work best in corridors on the ground floor and in single-storey homes and are less prone to false alarms.

Additional Fire Safety Equipment

You can benefit from our assistance when it comes to fire safety and protection, regardless of your property. We can install fire alarm systems that cause the least amount of interruption to the decor and floor coverings of your home. Our systems are perfect for listed properties or other structures that cannot be altered. Apart from fire and domestic smoke alarm installation, we also provide a handful of other fire emergency equipment, such as:

  • Fire extinguishers
  • Dry risers
  • Emergency lights
  • Sprinklers and suppressors

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Based in Benfleet, we have been offering domestic fire alarm installation services to commercial enterprises and residential estate managers for years. Whatever your circumstances are, we can assist you. We have installed fire alarms for a variety of properties. Many individuals choose us because of our breadth of expertise, and we have a long list of positive reviews to prove. Therefore, don’t waste any more time and give us a call to obtain the answers to any other queries you might have.