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No matter what your needs are or what size your business is; we offer reliable and professional Electrical Appliance Testing Services on the very same day. Call us now and get your appliances tested right away.

Regularly checking your appliances and equipment, to ensure seamless running of all business operations is very important. And we at Fused Electric, promise you, to do it for you, professionally, within no time. You can look up to us for all types of Electrical Pat Testing Services Essex.

We have had a wonderful experience of years which has made us and our team highly capable of testing electrical appliances. We adhere to all the legal regulations, in the context of PAT Testing. With us working for you, there isn’t much to worry about.


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Electrical Portable Appliance Testing Services Essex:

Fused Electric promises to undertake each PAT Testing with a lot of attention and care. We have been offering comprehensive Electrical Pat Testing Services in Essex for years now. From plug tops to all types of fixed wired appliances; we have in-depth knowledge about testing all of them for you.

We are the technicians that you can trust.

What to Expect in each PAT Test?

We make sure that our customer is educated about the Electrical Appliance Testing Services. Thus, we have demonstrated below, what you should expect from a PAT test when getting it done by Fused Electric.

  • We begin with a visual inspection of the appliance or equipment. Looking for visual signs of damage, overheating or possible breakdown is very crucial and can save a lot of time.
  • If the dilemma is not visually visible, our team will open each plug top for the inspection of the fuse and all connections.
  • Once the inspection is completed, we do electrical tests. A series of electrical tests are performed to ensure that the appliance is functioning properly and that they are earthed accurately too. This is very important as it ensures the safety of people working around this equipment and appliances.
  • After carrying out the tests, we label the appliances, according to the tests they have passed or failed. Our team not only labels the appliances but also adds details to them, referring to the test date, re-test date (if needed) and the ID number of the appliance too.
  • We then set a record for the tested appliances to hand over to the company, as it is a crucial detail for the inventory. We also offer electronic forms of all the reports.

Electrical Appliance Testing Services Essex Scheduling:

The frequency of getting Electrical Pat Testing Services varies from company to company and it is determinant on various factors too. Remember that the type of equipment you own and its usability along with the environment in which it is functioning, determine your need for our services.

We analyze your appliances closely and then schedule your Electrical Portable Appliance Testing Services plan. Our engineers specify your needs for PAT Testing and how frequently you need to get your equipment tested.

With Fused Electric, your hassle is lessened as we take the burden of looking after your electrical equipment and appliances.

We Adhere to the Legal Regulations:

Fused Electric works under legal regulations. All our Electrical Portable Appliance Testing Services Essex, are performed under the legal regulations. From health and safety work acts to electricity at Work Regulations; our company is working under strict laws. We are functioning legally and are certified.

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Electrical Pat Testing Services

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