Commercial Electricians in Kent

Nowadays, businesses rely on electricity and cannot operate without it. Electricity is the number one energy source when running computers, appliances or CCTV cameras. And to keep the electrical system maintained is where commercial electricians Kent come in.  Our commercial electricians are trained and skilled in electrical installation, repair and maintenance.

The primary responsibilities of our commercial electricians include the following:

  • Installation and upgrades of safety components like resistors, circuit breaker panels and fuse boxes.
  • Working with heating and air-conditioning units.
  • Dealing with electrical systems and higher voltage generators.
  • Repairing loose or faulty wirings, cables or circuits to prevent system breakdown.
  • Installing security alarms, light fixtures and other electrical systems.

Electrical Issues You Could Face at Commercial Premises

Some frequent electrical problems that can occur in your commercial premises include:

  • Frequent tripping of circuit breakers
  • Dimming or flickering lights
  • Faulty connections
  • Dead outlets and old wiring

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Professional Electrical Inspection

As business owners, you may think that electrical inspections are unnecessary; however, getting your electrical systems checked regularly is crucial. Electrical systems left unchecked and unattended can be the cause of potential fires and can be extremely dangerous. Fused Electric provides electrical contractors in Kent that will thoroughly and adequately check your entire system to ensure the prevention of any issues in the future.

An electrical inspection will help in:

  • Identifying minor issues before they turn into major ones.
  • Ascertaining if there are any damaged wires and circuits; our electricians will resolve the issue by rewiring, making the premises safe and secure.

High-Quality Commercial Light Installation

If you are extending your office and realise that the workplace is too dark for the employees, Fused Electric provides new lighting systems to increase the productivity of your commercial premises.

Our commercial electrician in Kent only uses premium-quality lights, components and wiring. On top of that, to reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint on the environment, we install energy-efficient lighting systems.

Emergency Lighting Systems

Though power cuts are rare, you must be prepared for your employees’ safety in case of an emergency. Our commercial electricians in Kent install emergency office lighting systems to ensure your office is safe in case of a power outage.

Moreover, you can also hire our commercial electricians Kent services to maintain and check if your lighting system is working in good condition.

Commercial Electricians Kent

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Commercial Electricians Kent

Get an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) from Fused Electrics

An Electrical Installation Condition Report, also known as Fixed Wired Testing, tests all electrical appliances and installations. Here are some of the many reasons you should get an EICR from a certified electrician:

  1. To make sure the electrics comply with BS7671.
  2. To prevent any dangerous accidents due to faulty wirings or circuits.
  3. Change of occupancy and use of premises.
  4. If you are renting a property.
  5. Possible damage from natural calamities.

Commercial PAT Testing

Portable Appliance Testing is crucial for companies across the UK to ensure that the electrical appliances they use are safe. As all electrical equipment deteriorates with time, it is essential to check them regularly.

Our electricians in Kent perform PAT testing. We understand what issues can occur during the procedure; therefore, we take safety precautions before setting to work.

What Can You Get from Hiring Commercial Electricians?

Running a company does not mean only marketing it correctly; you must ensure that your electrical system, appliances and fixtures are in perfect condition too. Hiring electrical services in Kent means you can avail of the services of repair, installation and maintenance to enhance the functionality of your premises while making it a safe place for your employees.

We Are Familiar with the Electrical Codes

Each area and state have their own electrical codes that a layperson may not understand. Our local electricians in Kent are well aware of these codes and regulations. Our commercial electricians work while keeping in mind all the legal regulations to protect you and your premises from potential harm and risk.

Equipped with All Types of Tools

No matter what electrical issue you face, our commercial electricians Kent are equipped with the latest tools and methodologies. This means they can effectively detect and deal with any electrical problem.

Save Money in the Long Run

Our commercial electricians in Kent always advise their customers to reduce energy bills and carbon emissions.  For example, they may suggest you install motion sensor lights if you want low energy bills.

Why Fused Electric?

  • All our emergency electricians in Kent are skilled and trained to deal with any electrical issue.
  • Our electricians pay particular attention to and visually inspect all the appliances to ensure they are in optimal condition.
  • Fuse Electric have dealt with numerous clients over the years.